Tips on where to take your secret lover!

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category: News

Tips on where to take your secret lover!

Unlike traditional dates, you can’t take your secret lover to your best friend’s barbeque (I’m pretty sure they’ll expect you to bring your wife or husband). This is not a person you want to have to introduce to any friends or neighbors you might happen to bump into.

So what, then, do you look for when deciding on a location for that first or fourteenth date? A rhetorical question this is not! The answer is simple; Anonymity.

When hunting for that perfect place you need to remember, you do not want to accidently encounter someone who knows you, and the same goes for your lover.

So to help you in your search, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you!

Starting with first date locations:

1. First of all, your own circumstances may lend an easy solution. If you and your date live far away from each other, a half way point may be the perfect distance away from your own neighborhood. If it’s somewhere you’ve never even heard of before, it’s likely that your husband or wife doesn’t frequent the place. When you both arrive, maybe try to seek out a little booth in a back corner, just to be safe. Then have some fun!

2. A casino. A lively, dark space with hundreds of tourists and out-of-towners, it would be easy for you and your date to get lost amongst the crowd. Have a drink and maybe play a game of roulette. A casino provides an exciting yet casual environment for an anonymous first date.

3. To keep it discrete, find an area that you and your friends don’t go to. A university bar could be the perfect place. Or a football club. Something you and your date are not normally associated with.

Once you get to know each other better, why not consider a few of the places below;

4. An evening dinner onboard a beautiful boat. Sailing around the harbor, taking in the sites and enjoying the company is great, but the best part is, nobody will be walking into the place unexpectedly! Privacy guaranteed!

5. Take a picnic to a small park, somewhere quiet and tucked away. But remember, preparing a picnic for two at home is suspicious, so buy the ingredients on the way!

6. A nice way to avoid having your date interrupted is to organize a catered dinner at a venue of your choice! If you have your own private spot where you like to escape to, it could be the perfect place for a beautifully catered meal, no cooking, no dishes, no hassles.

7. Mini golf! It’s fun and flirty, and it’s the type of place where visits are planned, so you are likely to hear if your family is planning to swing by to the course!

8. Get tickets to an event or concert. Why not go to the circus or a music concert? It’s an entertaining way to spend the night, and you can ask people you know if they are going, without sounding suspicious.

Of course, there is always the age old hotel. The choice is up to you, and if you have any suggestions of your own, we’d love to hear them! Just send them to!

Written by Aurora Berends