CALL FOR STORIES: How to survive the lockdown when cabin fever strikes

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category: Share your story

CALL FOR STORIES: How to survive the lockdown when cabin fever strikes

Quarantine life is not easy! Send us your story and your advice on how to live peacefully with your partner without giving up your adventures on Gleeden!

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing everyone’s worlds to shrink. Surviving isolation without having a breakdown is a big challenge, especially for couples who are forced to spend their time under the same roof 24/7.

If this feels like you, don’t worry, you are a not alone: like you, many members of the Gleeden community are experiencing the same dilemma. That's why we want to use all our channels - news, blogs, social channels - to give space to your opinions and advice to back up everyone who is suffering this crisis.

Do you have advice and tips on how you are managing your current relationship and your flirts on Gleeden?

Share them with us by explaining, for example:
- How have couple dynamics changed since isolation started?
- How do you manage forced isolation with your partner? Do you have any useful tips to avoid giving in to stress?
- Can you keep in touch with your lover/mistress during lockdown? What tricks do you use to protect your privacy?
- What advice can you offer to other users to be able to continue having discreet encounters even when the partner is a few meters away from you?
- How have your surfing habits in Gleeden changed? At what time and where can you connect more easily?

Let us know how you are doing and share your best advice with us and the community!

Send us your testimony in 100% anonymous form using the form below:

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