How to cheat during lockdown without getting in trouble!

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category: News

How to cheat during lockdown without getting in trouble!

With the partner always around cheating has become harder than ever before! Here’s how to make it through the lockdown.

Having an affair is not an easy task. Enjoying time with the lover or the mistress without being in trouble requires pretty good skills. However, if previous the lockdown going to the gym, or staying longer in the office was the right excuse, now with the partner always around cheating has become harder than ever before!

But just because it’s not easy, does not mean you should give up to good moments with someone you really like! So, before saying goodbye to your hot flirts during the lockdown, make sure you will read the tips we have shared for you!

Conference Call

Conference calls are the best moments when to have some privacy and enjoy your special call! Because the call is formal, you can easily ask your partner to stay away and maybe to bring the kids outside the house (if you have any!), to avoid any sort of interruption! They will be out, and you will be able to video call your lover without any risk of being caught! So, in case you work from home take advantage of it!

Romantic Walk

Because the rules have changed, you could meet with your lover just for a romantic walk, enjoy having a chat but staying two meters apart. Now, we all know how that is going to end if you actually meet for a “walk”, so why not keeping it still virtual? Just go out and give him or her a call as soon as you are far from the sight of your official partner!

Official partner out, Hot flirts in!

Even though a part, you can still spice things up, and keep it secret from your partner! How? Easy: Decide you want some self-time, make sure you partner will let you alone and plan hot calls with your lover or your mistress. Still not convinced? Imagine having a bath, putting some music on and asking your partner to let you by yourself for a while. Then once you are on your own, you can spice things up by sending picture to your lover or even having a video call. As long as you will use headphones and will talk carefully, everything is going to work easier than you think! Put the hot situation together with a bit of ‘tension’ and you will have probably the hottest experience you have had so far during the lockdown!

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