Sex Ban Won’t Stop Brits from Cheating

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category: News

Sex Ban Won’t Stop Brits from Cheating

Despite government’s new regulations on social distancing, 60% of cheating partners will keep flaunting the lockdown rules in order to have sex with their lover or mistress.

In order to crack down on people breaking lockdown rules, the government has banned indoor gathering of any sort with people outside of the household. Nonetheless, when it comes to infidelity and sexual intercourse, Brits tend not to abide by the law, and instead keen to breach these regulations.

The so-called “Sex Ban” law, prohibits indoor “gatherings” of two or more people from different households and introduces prosecution under law for all individuals involved rather than solely those who were in someone’s home. Although there was no explicit mention of the word sex or sexual intercourse with someone outside of the household, this clearly falls under the category of social interaction considered as illegal.

Gleeden - the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 6 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK – has conducted a new survey on 1,178 of its members in the UK in order to investigate cheating behaviour during and after the lockdown.

The extramarital portal which has seen an increase of +150% on its daily traffic with its membership number increased by +45% in less than one week after the start of the lockdown, reported that 60% of British married people are not afraid to meet with their lover or mistress, despite the latest severe prohibition of the government on indoor gathering. However, there are still 40% who are intimidated by the law and prefer to wait for the official green light before meeting in person.

Unfaithful Brits look not afraid by the so-called “Sex Ban” and, apparently, will not restrain from having sex with their lovers: despite the new restrictions which ban indoor gatherings with people outside the household, 92% of the responders who are going to see their lover no matter what, claimed that they are willing to take their chances also on this matter.

Moreover, the survey enabled the portal to create a map of infidelity displaying the regions more inclined to break the law during these times. According to the survey, South of England (91%) together with South Wales (95%) represent the higher percentage of Brits who would break social distancing rules in order to meet with their lover or mistress. West Midlands (67%) and East of England (59%) are in second position, while Scotland (43%), North East (39%) and North West (27%) result to be the most cautions towards the safety rules on social distancing.

However, an older survey which ran from April 27th to May 14th has revealed a significant alteration of the attitude toward social distancing previous and following the ease of the measurements in early May. In fact, while initially only 37% of Brits did not abstain from seeing their lover during the whole length of the lockdown, after the ease of restrictions the number of Brits attempted to plan a romantic day with the lover increased up to 72%.

Gleeden also discovered the expectation of its members from the new online flirts during the pandemic. On one hand, 54% believe that the lockdown will not last long and, therefore, they assume they will meet in person soon. On the other hand, only 46% answered solely virtual interaction.

* online survey conducted from the 1st to the 5th of June 2020 among 1,178 users living in the UK.

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