‘Five Guys A Week’ shows how lack of acknowledgement is the primary cause for women’s infidelity

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category: News

‘Five Guys A Week’ shows how lack of acknowledgement is the primary cause for women’s infidelity

58% of women wish they were in charge of their relationship and consider infidelity as an option to feel empowered and independent.

Five Guys a Week, the latest dating TV show that hooked the Brits during the lockdown is far from being just another entertaining tv program. The show, in fact, conveyed important messaging around gender equality and rose awareness among women regarding their role in their relationship.

Although finding the love of your life in less than a week sounds silly, the tv show saw an incredible success mainly due to its peculiar nature were one single woman finds herself in charge of five different guys attempting to win her heart. However, the scenario is quite different in real life. Many women suffer from being ignored and sometimes unconsciously submissive to their partners. This feeling of discomfort, in the longer term, can underlie unpleasant situations in the relationship such as breakups or even extramarital affairs.

This is according to the European Women's Infidelity Observatory 2019, a study conducted by IFOP - Institute Français d’Opinion Publique (French Institute of Public Opinion) and commissioned by Gleeden - the first portal for extramarital encounters in Europe made by women with over 6 million members of which over 250,000 in the UK – who found out that one of the main reasonings behind female infidelity is their need to evade from a submissive relationship to find their independence.

The study shows that 59% of women who experienced affair felt ignored by their partners and described them as inattentive and absent towards their opinion, as well as, their sexual needs. At the same time, 58% confirmed their partner to be the one in charge of most decision makings, while 61% claimed doing more housework than their husband.

The study showed that women who suffer from this issue feel underestimated and not truly appreciated by their partners. A constant feeling of resentment and bitterness causes them a strong need for independence and authority, at least for themselves. Which explains why these women saw the affair as a loophole to evade the claustrophobic feeling of being devalued from the closest person in their life.

Ladybird88, member of Gleeden since early 2019, explains: “I used to like my husband being in charge. It made me feel safe and loved. But the longer term, I realized being unhappy and unsatisfied about myself. I lived our days by pleasing my husband and forgot about my own opinion. When things started to get complicated in the house, I felt this pain stronger and stronger. Until the day I decided to make a change. I rolled up my sleeves and I finally found the courage to use Gleeden. Since then, I chatted with different men and met with a couple of them. Although I’m still in love with my husband, using Gleeden gives me that spark that I was missing and especially makes me feel finally powerful and in charge of my relationships.”

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