Husband versus Lover: what do unfaithful women expect from them?

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category: News

Husband versus Lover: what do unfaithful women expect from them?

What makes a lover so different from a husband and what are the qualities a woman expects from them? Well, this is what reveals in an exclusive survey* ran on a European panel of almost 5000 unfaithful women!

Why choosing an exact copy of their husband when it comes to be unfaithful? Well, it would indeed make no sense!

The survey reveals that 48% of married women like the stability given by their husband: on the contrary, this quality would be despised in a potential lover, as 44% of women surveyed love when their lover is adventurous!

Also, having a good sense of humor and being reliable are a must for husbands, but a mysterious and audacious lover is a huge turn on!

"Age is nothing but a number" ... Well, not really! The study reveals that the ideal husband should be 4 years older or younger than his wife! On the contrary, the perfect lover should be 12 years older...or younger!

Youthful lack of care of a younger man or reassuring maturity of an older one... It seems hard to choose!

54% of surveyed married women enjoy spending time on cultural outings with their husband (at a movie theater for instance)However, you do not have dinner with your lover... but you can have lunch! Married women love sexing up their lunch by seeing their lover, even just for an hour.

Expectations are also different when it comes to sex life! Indeed, 35% of surveyed women love having a romantic husband but a passionate lover between the sheets.