Top 10 male fantasies

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category: News

Top 10 male fantasies

Unusual places, bewildering situations, smoldering partners... the decor of male fantasies features a wide range of desires, some more spicy than others. Because members of the Epicurean community were not afraid of anything, decided to examine this steamy subject in its own way, where boredom and routine give way to the crackling of the imagination. Survey of the 10 hottest male fantasies.

Making love with two lovers

The natural variant for the number 1 fantasy of all rankings. With this difference: he's not here to indulge in the sensual appetite of an unknown lady, but to the greed of two mistresses ...
A nuance that makes all the difference where a hook up with 3 people brings together all equal partners, all disconnected from the weight of the family reality.

The perfect stranger

Again, this is quite a classic scenario - so to speak, in terms of fantasies prancing at the top of the charts. We thus have, through this desire for uncharted territory, to grant a few minutes of time a parenthesis away from the references that punctuate daily life.
The immediate character of this temptation of the beautiful stranger comes equally nourished by the imagination in the search for a break from the codes of the stages of seduction - where it is believed to be the culturally accepted norm of the 3rd rendezvous.

The flight attendant

While some also mention the nurse or the banker and the lawyer in this fantasy category surrounding the uniform and professional etiquette, members of the Gleeden community particularly agreed on one that ensures their well-being and keeps them safe during their travels in the air.
Let there be no mistake: the hostess literally embarks these gentlemen on a voyage through the skies ...

The boss's wife

A worldly fantasy that expresses a double desire, sexual but also symbolic: that of social advancement - being able to conquer that which is given to a man who exemplifies professional success to you.

The celebrity

Whether a sharp artist or a tabloid star, here touches on the fantasy of the will of the media, at the same time pulverizing the actual limit of sex appeal: through this erotic desire, the lover projects their capital seduction to the top ... of glory.
Even within this category of fantasy, it should be noted that the boundless creativity of the artists also resonates as a booster in the field of erotic potential.

In a palace

The main theater of your sexual life: the private Jacuzzi of the Executive Suite in a 5-star hotel where champagne flows freely and where your every wish is at your command, executable on the field.
A <> of our 3.0 times is not without reminiscence of the search for the subtraction of the inevitable passage of time dear to Baudelaire's "Invitation to the voyage". Through this fantasy of immediate gratification away from our stressful environments, we offer a parenthesis in a dream where <>

The exotic lover

Attention, this fantasy could be achieved thanks to the global presence of Conquering a woman who is not like you multiplies the charm that operates during an encounter.
The erotic power of otherness is at work here regardless of the setting. The symbolism of the Other provides an irresistible attraction, closing the gap related to the attributes that we do not have. An interlude at the other end of the world is also conducive to the explosion of the senses away from everyday life.

The Secretary

No need to dwell on the exclusively male fantasy that returns to the slight universal cliché from the secretary pool, recently revived today through the series Mad Men. Like Don Draper with his parade of secretaries, you plan for a level of service that goes beyond the workplace.

On the roof of a building or monument

Gain height, rise into the air and reach seventh heaven, without it being a metaphor, the time for a roll in the hay. Show off under the vision of one and all at the same time.

In a private jet

A variation, always in the air but sheltered in a protective cocoon. Away from the flight in economy class, the imagination is fed by the availability of a private space for the senses, inevitably coming to a boil.