5 things to remember in an open relationship

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category: News

5 things to remember in an open relationship

Open relationships are becoming more and more common among couples and seem to be a working system. Everyone is getting what he or she wants while staying with the person they love the most. But committing to an open relationship requires a new way of connecting with your partner.

Whether you are just starting out in an open relationship or working to sustain your current one, here are some insightful tips to keep in mind:

1. Set rules:The first step to creating your open relationship is to set rules. Let your partner know what you are comfortable and uncomfortable with them doing. For instance, always use condoms, come home before a certain time, no texting the other person, etc.

2. Always communicate: Open relationships can be complex, and the only reason they work is through communication. Tell you partner where you are, how you are feeling, if things are working in this type of relationship or not, etc. so you are both on the same level at all times.

3. Don't get jealous: Having rules will allow you to set boundaries and let your partner know what makes you jealous…so all the rest of the stuff you can’t fuss about.

4. Be honest: There’s no point to an open relationship without honesty. Always telling your partner the truth will keep your open connection thriving. Don’t break their rules and don’t lie if you do.

5. Commit: Commitment and open relationship seem like they don’t go together, but they do just as any other relationship. Open couples are still committing to each other by following their relationship rules and keeping their promises. If it is someone you really love, there is a reason why you are working so hard for you both to stay happy together.

Open relationships work for some people and don’t for others. A happy relationship is one that has endless clear and honest communication.