Spring's a sex drive booster!

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Spring's a sex drive booster!

You can’t help smiling? Feel like flirting? That’s because spring is here… and so is the season of love.

Spring's in full swing! Gleeden.com, the 1st extramarital dating website made by women, asked 2401 married and in a relationship people, aged between 30 and 55 years old, about their opinion on the effects of springtime and its benefits.

Here are the survey results:

During spring, which of your senses are more intensified?

#1. Sight
#2. Smell
#3. Touch
#4. Taste
#5. Hearing

During spring, you:

Have sharper senses 55%
Are in a good mood 62%
Feel energetic 31%
Feel available 37%
Feel attractive or sexy 44%
Feel creative 32%

Within your relationship, does spring boost your sex drive?

Yes : 81% of women
Yes : 68% of men

Spring makes you feel…

Seductive and attractive, 75%
Like taking care of yourself 70%
Like renewing your wardrobe 44%
Like going out with your family 36%
Like going out with friends 35%
Like working out 28%

Do you think that spring creates more extramarital adventures?

81% yes
29% no

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