Women prefer shy men

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category: News

Women prefer shy men

Between a muscular man and a puny man, a woman will fix her sights on the second. In fact, a study recently published by a team of researchers from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville demonstrates that women are more likely to start a family with a man described as being fragile and timid (associated with a man «capable of nourishing and caring for his family») in contrast to a muscular and ostentatious man (assimilated to he who has a somber look and does not smile).

In relationships, the modern woman holds more esteem for those men who are more gentle and kind as opposed to men who are confident with an athletic physique.

It is true that physically imposing men have always had their charm and that the Man of reference has always been represented in this way. But women have evolved and are able to see beyond this attractive exterior.

The study reminds us that within our primitive societies, men should «battle » with their peers in order to seduce their female partners. Those who did not have the physical potential developed an alternative strategy instead: to focus on a woman by being generous and attentive in order to win back trust and affection.

Indeed, the puny « males», too sickly to win the fight, have developed other skills including care and the provision of a livelihood. They would thus become caring fathers and secure life partners. With these skills they could find « females» more easily, without having to spend their energy in constant battles.

Does weakness render one intelligent?

In any event, this is how women have started looking at men differently, to trust them and to project the future by their side by naturally selecting, through the course of evolution, these new less scintillating but more reliable and cooperative men.

As for the «sexual revolution», the latter began when women modified their choices favoring men willing to meet their needs rather than their strong and muscular rivals.

So long dominant males!