Top 3 holiday spots for unfaithful lovers

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category: News

Top 3 holiday spots for unfaithful lovers

Want to provide a getaway from the beaten path with your lover? Weekend getaway or real vacation, this week the Gleeden team proposes three dream destinations to be discovered without further delay with your lover

Tuscany for the lovers EPICUREAN

Tuscany will give you wings. The song of cicadas, cypress groves, green hills...between beaches and mountains, escape into the breathtaking scenery.

Good plan with your lover : take a midnight swim in the thermal baths of Bagno Vignoni with a glass of Val d'Orcia in hand. The waters are bicarbonate-sulfate-alkaline-earth hyperthermal (51°C) and spring from a source that supplies a large basin from the 16th century. A unique experience that will make you want to stay there until morning.

Japan for the lovers SEXUAL

Fascinating and surprising, Japan is a paradox of every moment that combines contrast and excess. Stop in the Zen gardens and lose yourself inside the effervescence of its capital.

Good plan with your lover : for one hour or an entire night, live a rare moment in a love hotel in the capital. Unleash your imagination and live out your fantasies without holding back.

The Fiji islands for the lovers ROBINSON

The Fiji islands offer you a turquoise sea paradise and a lush natural environment. Ideal destination for those wishing to exchange the hustle and bustle of their daily lives for absolute tranquility.

Good plan with your lover : Far from the usual seaside destinations, take refuge in one of one hundred uninhabited islands of the archipelago. Install a hammock between two trees and let yourself be rocked. Who has not dreamed of living like a Robinson ?