The Maïa Mazaurette's Column for Women's Day

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category: News

The Maïa Mazaurette's Column for Women's Day

Today is the International Women’s Day. What about it? Well, some of you finds it useless, hypocrite or even narrow-minded. For some of us, it will be a reminder, a highly necessary reminder. But unfortunately the Women’s Day is not always very inspiring or interesting. Again this year, we won’t be some Wonderwomen. Again this year, things will get serious!

On March 8, you better be perfect

Suit and tie for everybody, get line up pair off (that’s the way it should be right?) The perfect woman has perfect babies, a perfect relationship, a perfect job, she is super happy in her personal and professional life and she is super balanced emotionally speaking. Stop the lies! If blossoming means doing everything perfectly all the time, then you are reading the Column of a looser.

So that is what I need to say: freedom that is given to us by the notorious women’s rights also means that we have the freedom not to be « super this » or « super that ».We have the right not to be all that, especially because it puts limits to our blossoming. We are strong, but feminine. Free, but not too free and only if you eat healthy

Let’s talk about another side of freedeom: the excess.

Doing things on a whim. Making wrong decisions. Listening to your heart. Let’s talk about the freedom of having a career, but also to make mistakes, to do crazy things, to experiment: to accept to lose control. Let’s talk about the routine and how to spice it up. Let’s talk about feeling safe and taking risks. Let’s talk about our role models and other alternatives possible.

The « perfect woman » doesn’t wear a grey shirt in size 4.

She doesn’t work on a cream-colour sofa, eating salad with her kid in one hand and her laptop in the other. She is maybe selfish, but not too much. She has secrets and dark sides. She is vulnerable, just like a man. Giving up rationality is also something rational. She is making her own choices, sometimes they make sense, and sometimes they are completely extravagant. She can also choose not to choose. She is a dangerous woman, but she can also put herself in danger. She is extreme, also in her inconsistency. She is human: in a society where you are asked to be Wonderwoman.

I know that Women’s Day is the archetype of a formal and serious day. I think this is perfectly fine and justified. However, I would like to add on my “superpowers list” of blossoming woman that people should accept I can fail, rebound, love outside of my official relationship, to love differently. And to laugh about it. I prefer being real rather than perfect. Complex rather than plain.

We can’t joke with women’s right. That’s fine. But in that case, could we also take into consideration that women are allowed not to take things to seriously sometimes? Some casualness and sense of humor are necessary nowadays, and especially today.