The 10 commandments of a date from a woman perspective

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category: News

The 10 commandments of a date from a woman perspective

A rendezvous, an invitation, a date ... whatever it is, in a few hours you will face him, this man that you have (finally) decided to meet. What to do during this first date? How to behave? How to seduce without overdoing it? What are the rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid?

The Gleeden team focused on the topic and delivers, keys in hand, the tips to a successful first date.

I will set the rules

An evening of adventure or ongoing relationship; make the point of your desires. It is only by remaining attentive to ones wishes that we avoid any misunderstanding.

I choose the place

Unusual, trendy, cozy, discrete ... Because the location of the rendezvous will speak volumes about your personality, choose a place that suits you.

I am listening

Enjoy this first date by getting to know your future partner: hangouts, friends, work, hobbies, future plans ... Show interest and prefer open-ended questions.

I will remain independent

Independent women are most attractive. If you go for a drink, always offer to pay your part.

I will forget my ex

Gone are the endless conversations about your ex. You are not there to explain the reasons for your celibacy. Stop looking in the past and project yourself towards the future.

I will become an actress

Does the first meeting stress you out? Are you afraid of losing all your means? Take it like a game. Choose a character (close to your personality) and play the comedy.

I will take a step back

For months have you been looking to find the LOVER of your dreams? The perfect man does not exist and the best encounters are often those that we least expect. Take a step back from your wishes.

I will take the first step

Men do not say it, but they appreciate being seduced. Ladies, take the short step and make the first move.

I will use subtleties

Remain women, and disclose your interest with subtlety.

I will have a good time

Do not put yourself under pressure, relax and your enjoyment will be contagious. Let the magic unfold