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category: News

Maïa Mazaurette's Column: "Lies in relationships"

Lies in relationships: Welcome to Fibland ! By Maia Mazaurette for

It’s said that lying, is bad. That cheating is to break someone’s trust, to break a space of honesty and to take a dip in hell. It is well known that, a relationship is based on honesty. We only exchange guaranteed red label genuine feelings without WFL ("What a fat lie").

To add to the delusion, we could also say that this zone of perfection is without shadow or doubt. There are never any problems. Not far from a beach with fine sand, we come across baby panthers that look at us with love whilst we collect roses and strawberries in huge hypoallergenic gardens.

Or, we identify a subtler form of reality.

We admit that the foundations of any couple are as solid as flan - that we have never stopped cheating, from the very first moments all the way to the altar on our wedding day. We cheated by using foundation, mascara and red lipstick for our first date – we covered up our real face. We wore heals to appear taller. Men hid their stomach in a nice shirt, to hide the fact that they walk around in their dirty joggers when at home.

We mutually played the role of perfect people in all relationships, when we are obviously - all - totally neurotic, fragile and mad. We pretended that we like to cook and dance, even though in reality we can’t be bothered and we spend Saturdays in front of the television. If you’ve always been dealt the worst card in life, we have made things romantic and glamorous rather than pathetic and grim.

Everything you need to be seductive, like in a job interview. And it’s a fair game. But to make oneself stand out, that is already a lie.

We said that we would love one another forever, even though we knew perfectly well that after two or three years it would no longer be the case. We swore to be affectionate and respectful knowing that we would die of boredom – and that on many occasions we would want to push one another down the stairs. Maybe it’s because relationships are so complicated that we always pretend that it will be easy at the beginning.

That we want to believe, is one thing, it’s even cute. That we really believe in it, that we think for one minute that a couple is the depository of honesty, is more naïve than dreams of baby panthers looking at us lovingly.

A couple is not sacred. Even with the best will power in the world, we lie, cheat and bluff. So once more, once less...