Survey : unfaithful lovers spend more money on holidays !

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category: News

Survey : unfaithful lovers spend more money on holidays !

Capricious weather, the economical crisis...This year, for 46% of lovers*, the traditional summer vacation budget has lowered. Yet all them will not modify their vacationing behaviors in unison...this is the conclusion of a study performed by Gleeden from the 4th to the 9th of July. Deciphered from the 2012 expenditures of the unfaithful tourists determined to make no concession on their sensual desires as a tourist.

Vintage2012: the vacations of frustration?

This year, nearly 6 out of 10 lovers decided to pack their bags for the great departure, somewhat braving the atmospheric gloom. However, if 58%** of them have set down their holiday budget in comparison to last year, the average amount spent on this Vintage2012 will not exceed 1157€ per household***. They will have to tighten their belts by making smart the risk of swimming in full frustration in the face of their beach towel. The ingredients of this budget reduction are based primarily on the choice of destination (31%), attention to the cost of on-site leisure (31%), length of stay (30%), lodging (21%) but also food (18%).***

For the unfaithful, the expression Carpe diem remains appropriate this summer

Good news for the tourism sector, on vacations too, the unfaithful seem to distinguish themselves.
As a backdrop, the Gleeden**** survey reveals that its community, essentially composed of people benefiting from comfortable revenue it is true, is more inclined to yield to the pleasures of a trip based on the high flying benefits, not hesitating to book their accommodation in a luxury hotel (39%) and provide at least one gourmet dinner (61%) during their holidays.

Among these insatiable Epicureans, 81% made no concession on their choice of resort and more than 6 out of 10 (68%) even claim an increase in their summer spending over 2011.

With an average budget amounting to €2,416, more than two times higher than the general population***, the followers of playful moments will take advantage of delight once more. Finally, they leave for a shorter period but do not hesitate to multiply their trips at their own desire (average 2).

The unfaithful woman, Epicurean even on the seaside

Whether in a tailored suit or swimsuit, married women having an extramarital affair will not deprive themselves of some beautiful moments this summer, be it for family travel or an exotic escapade with their lover. If 83% report having fallen for a new swimsuit, about half of them will not fail to show it off by offering themselves a pass to the spa, thalassotherapy or beauty salon.

Attentive to their emotional well-being as much as sensual, 58% of these eager to be thrilled women confess their desire to devote part of their holiday budget to achieve a new experience (skydiving, helicopter flights, top ranking unusual accommodation), while a nanny found for the occasion provides child care.

Unsurprisingly, the thirst for discovery and satisfaction of desires seems to prevail in the community circle of the unfaithful, if evident that Epicureanism is not aware of the crisis...

And if the secret to a successful vacation consists in remaining faithful to one's desires in all circumstances?

*According to the 2012 Ipsos-Europ Assistance Barometer
**Ipsos/Déclic France Study
***Le Sofinscope-Barometer for OpinionWay by SOFINCO
****Poll conducted by Gleeden from the 4th to 9th of July from a sample of 1102 members of