SUMMER TEST : How unfaithful are you?

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category: News

SUMMER TEST : How unfaithful are you?

Here we are, summer has arrived ! And infidelity will be its keynote !

According to our Gleeden poll conducted among a sample of 1.000 men and 1.0001 women between 25 and 60 years old, 52% of you declare having the intention to a least spend an entire weekend with your lover during this summer. Time to put your infidelity to the test!

1. How long have you been in a committed relationship ?

♦ A few months
• A few years
* I don’t even count anymore !

2. How would you describe your life being in a relationship ?

* A freedom limitation
• An tremendous happiness
♦ An everyday challenge

3. Have you ever cheated on a man/ woman ?

• No, not yet
♦ Yes, just once
* Yes, it often happens to me

4. Do you think that it could happen to you ?

* Yes
• No
♦ We never know

5. For you, having a lover / mistress is… :

* Fun
♦ Tiresome
• Complicated

6. For you, being unfaithful :

• Can happen
♦ Is an openmindedness
* Is inevitable

7. What characterize you the best ?

* Incorrigible
• Romantic
♦ Open

8. How would you describe infidelity?

• It’s unbearable in any cases
♦ It’s forgivable given the situation
* It’s common especially after many years of conjugal life

9. How is your sex life ?

* In full bloom
♦ Slow moving
• Can you repeat the question ?

10. Lovewise people descibe you as… :

• A submissive woman
♦ A free and modern woman
* A man-eater



You are : Unfaithful but still believing in the Prince Charming !
You are mostly faithful… Despite of all you want to believe in true love ! However like anybody else, you go out, meet people and you are likely to find yourself in tempting situations, to which you won’t be able to resist. Besides, it might have already happened to you… Welcome to the real world !


You are : Unfaithful with restraint
You love feeling free, independent and following your feelings which can change from times to times. You live your emotions to the full even if it occasionally leads you to feeling guilty. You enjoy cultivating your private secrets which spice up your life… A piece of advice ? Stop thinking and morever do not feel guilty… Your happiness relies on it.


You are: unfaithful and you assume it !
Fidelity ? Never heard of it ! You can hardly imagine what spending your life with the same person is. Assuming one’s infidelity in our society is a hard task and yet you succeed in it pretty well ! Congratulations ! Pleasure drives your life, you get in touch with long forgotten emotions… Pure happiness…