The heart has its reasons that reason ignores

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category: Culture

The heart has its reasons that reason ignores

The heart … This mystery which dictates our lives, this heart which impulses a variety of sometimes paradoxical feelings. It makes us say things which we would never have revealed or makes us do things we would never have thought of…

According to Blaise Pascal, philosopher and author of this quotation, the man endowed with reason may open his heart, it is this capacity which he names the "thought" which makes his humanity.

Nevertheless the heart often has the upper hand over reason. When we love, we become unreasonable, we do not analyze things in the same way. The heart’s reasons are not always rational, urges and desires are ignored by reason.

Moreover, why being reasonable in love? It is sometimes difficult, even impossible to understand the attraction we can feel for a person, to understand why we do unnatural things for someone else… Because the heart is not reasonable, it doesn’t listen to reason, it has its own reasons.

Infidelity can appear as unreasonable, such as a thunderclap in our quiet certainties, a turnover of our faiths. Nevertheless infidelity, too, has its reasons that reason ignores. Acting on it, allows to remove the charm of fantasy and prohibition, to build a new image of his or her spouse as a revealing filter of his or her qualities, to bloom differently, to live a new adventure.

Adventure, indeed, we speak about extra conjugal adventure, about a personal relation and about a quest of one’s self. The word infidelity is very often connoted in a negative way by a too often accusatory society. The spouse is identified as the victim and the unfaithful as the heartbreaker. But cannot we love several people at the same time?

The heart has its reasons that reason ignores! Extra conjugal relation is by definition a relation outside the couple, it has nothing to do with the spouse, the initiative is above all personal, there is nothing reasonable about it, it is dictated by feelings and urges.

No need to understand why, to feel guilty, extra conjugal initiative answers a drive of the heart, and as you will have understood it, the heart has its reasons that reason ignores.