Lovers' Top 5 back-to-work resolutions.

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category: News

Lovers' Top 5 back-to-work resolutions.

Double life, infidelity ... How do you manage an extramarital affair in everyday life? This week the Gleeden team gives you the keys for a fulfilling relationship with your lover. 5 good resolutions to implement from the start!

1- Do not put pressure

Living an outer couple relationship should not oppress you. Rather, it should thrive. Remember the reasons that led you to look elsewhere.

2 - Cultivate the secret

Few people admit having a dual relationship to their spouse and few spouses actually accept this type of relationship. Keep in mind that your married life should in no way interfere with your life in an extra-marital affair. Some also say that the success of an affair lies on the secrecy that surrounds it!

3 - Opt for distance

Avoid all incredible situations so that lover and spouse do not intersect. Remain the only link between them.

4 - Find good alibis

Car breakdown, a meeting that ends late, business lunch... select your alibis carefully. A small tour on the web and you will find many companies willing to use tricks in order to save you.

5 - Go wild with desires and pleasure

In a word : ENJOY