Infidelity Myths

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category: News

Infidelity Myths

Join us in exploring the most common myths about infidelity. Our discoveries may surprise you!

Myth: Cheating means not loving one’s partner
Not necessarily. Every situation is different, but one must know that infidelity isn’t the opposite of love. Many philanderers deeply love their partner but nonetheless feel the need to look elsewhere – for a taste of novelty, for the pleasure of being charmed, to break the humdrum of daily life. This is the case for 65 % of Gleedenians, who confess to not wanting to leave their partner. Some even have the need for these extramarital affairs to keep appreciating their daily lives and love their partner. Most are capable of going through with it, even while loving their partner deeply, and their affairs often don’t put their couple in question at all.

Myth: I’ll never cheat on my significant other
And BAM! It comes at you out of nowhere … It can happen to you too, make no mistake. No one is immune from an unexpected encounter, from that never-forgotten former lover, or from a difficult time where one is looking for comfort. Never say never!

Myth: Adultery inevitably wrecks a couple
Think again! There are some that are even saved by it … and more than you think! How? Simply by bringing more happiness to the couple - the unfaithful party returns to his marriage fulfilled and shares his contagious happiness. What’s more, being able to draw comparisons can show that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. A lover and a spouse/partner can complement one another – 68 % of Gleeden women think infidelity is the secret to their couple’s longevity.

Myth: One must always confess to their infidelity
No way! Unless your partner has strong suspicions or even proof… saying anything won’t necessarily help. You’re aware that it may make the other person suffer so what’s the point then? Is it not selfish to make another suffer so you can ease your own conscience?

Myth: Once a cheater, always a cheater?
Let’s get serious – everybody’s different and, therefore, reacts in different ways. Adultery can very well be a passing fancy in someone’s life, just as it can be a recurring pastime. But adulterers aren’t by definition unfaithful throughout their lives. 2 out of 3 Gleeden subscribers say they could easily stop cheating on their partner if they choose to.

Myth: Men cheat more than women
Wrong! While this statement would’ve been uncontroversial twenty years ago, it no longer holds true at all. Farewell to old misogynistic clichés! Women are turning the tables and fully affirm themselves. Statistics prove that more and more among them free themselves from any social pressure so as to find fulfillment, guilt-free! Gentlemen, you’ve been warned.

Myth: It’s purely sexual
Sex can indeed be one of the reasons for infidelity. But this need is bound to be accompanied by someone else. Whether it’s something lacking in the relationship, a need for some eroticism, for an escape, a desire to test one’s appeal, to be young again or even the fear of expressing one’s desires – many reasons can lead one to adultery. Frustration in bed is indeed a significant reason to seek something else, but infidelity can take place in sexually fulfilled couples. Generally, men and women alike aren’t just looking for sex in an extramarital relationship, but tenderness, bonding, someone who listens, human contact.