Valentine’s Day: discover our new virtual gifts!

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category: Gleeden news

Valentine’s Day: discover our new virtual gifts!

Many of you have sent us ideas of new virtual gifts. Two of these gifts were selected…come and discover them!

This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day and once again, many of you will be celebrating it with your secret lover(s).

From February 14th to February 16th, give your lover these two new gifts for free!*

The Gleeden team has chosen the two following gifts :

The bird cage : with an open door, symbolizes freedom. Whether you are happy in your couple or not you may sometimes feel like getting away to live something different. So take some time to live outside your cage to meet other birds.

High heels : they symbolize femininity and elegance. They make women feel their best and even more desirable.

*gifts can be sent 3 times only.