Gleeden’s Now Casting: India’s Next Ideal Lover

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Gleeden’s Now Casting: India’s Next Ideal Lover

Gleeden is casting all the Indian men to find the one who will be Gleeden’s Ideal Lover. Apply today and become the most wanted man on Gleeden!

Calling all the Indian men!
We are looking for Gleeden’s Ideal Lover and that could be you!

From the 5th to the 12th of November 2018, Gleeden calls all of his Indian male members to participate in a big online casting to find India’s next Ideal Lover.

Do you think you are the man for the job? Apply right now and become the most wanted man on Gleeden!

Use the form below to tell us more about yourself and to convince us that you are indeed an Ideal Lover, AKA the man that every woman on Gleeden is dreaming of meeting.

If you will be able to convince our jury of women, you will be appointed Gleeden’s Ideal Lover and you will become the protagonist of a big contest for all the Indian women of the community and you will win a fantastic getaway!

From the 19th to the 25th of November 2018, Gleeden’s women will be invited to take part to a veritable “man hunt” to find you. They will have only a week at their disposal to identify you among all the Indian men on Gleeden, thanks to clues about you that we will drop every day. If they think they guessed your identity right, they will message you to confirm.

But it doesn’t end here, guys! The one to decide which woman will win could be YOU, dear Ideal Lover!. Yes, because the woman you will choose will also be the one you will share the amazing getaway with!

To help you choose wisely, you will have UNLIMITED CREDITS during this phase of the contest, so to be able to reply to the numerous messages received, reveal your identity and get to know the lucky girl you want to share the weekend with.

So… do you think you have what it takes to be India’s Next Ideal Lover?

Apply by November 12th using the form below: tell us about you and what makes you the man that every woman on Gleeden should wish to find. Good luck!


Art. 1: the company BLACKDIVINE organizes a online, free of charges casting open to its male members resident in India and called “India’s Next Ideal Lover”. The casting will be open from November 5 2018, 12.00am IST, to November 12 2018, 11.59pm IST.
Art. 2: the casting is open to adult men only (21+) who subscribed to the website and resident in India.
Art. 3: at the end of the casting period (5-12 November 2018), Gleeden will chose one man among all who applied and will appoint him with the title of “India’s Next Ideal Lover”, hereinafter “Ideal Lover”. The Ideal Lover will be the subject of a “treasure hunt” that will involve all the female members of Gleeden and resident in India and that will take place from November 19 to November 25 on Gleeden’s website. At the end of the treasure hunt, the Ideal Lover will choose a woman as a winner and they will share the prize up for grabs.
Art.4: the contest, in full, will take place from November 5 to November 25, 2018. The contest is divided in two phases. During phase #1, Indian male members of Gleeden will send out their application to be chosen as the Ideal Lover. During phase #2, Indian female members of Gleeden will have 7 days at their disposal to find the Ideal Lover among all the Indian men subscribed to the website thanks to 7 clues dropped daily on Gleeden. All the applications must be submitted using the form above or to the email address Gleeden’s managing team will choose the Ideal Lover among all the men who sent their application. The man chosen to be Gleeden’s Ideal Lover will then pick the winning woman among all the ones able to identify him during the phase #2 of the contest.
Art.5: the participation to this contest is free and without purchase obligation. Art.6: to take part to the contest, Indian male members can apply using the form above or sending an email to the address Winner will win a Luxury Getaways E-Gift card worth ₹ 12,600 to be used on
Art. 7: the winner will be noticed no later than 7 days after the closure of phase #1 of the contest at the email address used to submit the application.
Art. 8: The official rules to the contest can be consulted directly online.
Art. 9: the contest is open to Indian members only and it is reserved to people who have access to the Internet. BLACKDIVINE will not refund any connection or Internet related expenses whatsoever.
Art. 10: The participation to the contest involves the full acceptance, with no reserve, of each and every one of the conditions expressed in the present rules.
Art. 11: BLACKDIVINE has the right of reduce, prolong, modify or cancel this game without obligation and without be held responsible in any way.
Art. 12: BLACKDIVINE won’t be held responsible of
- Winners’ availability of sharing the voucher
- Failed or unreceived applications at the email address
- Cancelations due to force majeure
Art 13: the male winner (Ideal Lover) commits to share the prize and the getaway with the female winner who he himself will choose. The female winner commits to share the prize with the male winner or to renounce to it.
Art. 14: the Ideal Lover will have unlimited credits to use on Gleeden for the full length of the phase #2 of the contest (November 19-25) so to be able to answer without personal expense to all the messages he will receive from the women who are participating to the contest. Extra credits must be used to the sole purpose of the contest for replying to the messages received by the women taking part to the competition. Credits will expire on November 25 at 11.59 IST.
Art. 15: Winners agree to share a tale of their weekend together with Gleeden’s team to be used on Gleeden website, blog and social networks. The identity of the winners will remain 100% anonymous.
Art. 16: the information provided will be not shared with third parties in any ways. In accordance with the law in force in your country, the participant has the right to access, rectify and / or delete their personal data.