Election News: Who do the cheaters prefer?

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category: News

Election News: Who do the cheaters prefer?

With the next Australian federal election less than a month away, we here at Gleeden.com decided to ask our slippery Aussie spouses which politicians they would prefer; not for parliament house, but for their own bedrooms!*

To make it fair for both male and female members of Gleeden, we offered them a choice between Labor’s Julia Gillard (current Prime Minister) and Julie Bishop (Deputy Leader of the Opposition), and Wayne Swan (current Deputy Prime Minister) and Tony Abbott (Liberal Opposition Leader).

While we don’t claim that our two party preference poll has any reflection on Australia’s preferred leadership choice, we do know that the Liberal coalition wins hands down when politics gets brought into the bedroom!

Julie Bishop was the preferred candidate, beating Julia Gillard 68% to 32%, while Tony Abbott did better than Labor’s Wayne Swan as well, polling at 58% to 42%.

Unfortunately for our voters a quick look at the past shows that, in fact, the Labor party is more liberal than the Liberals when it comes to affairs. In the past 12 months alone, two Labor ministers have resigned due to sex scandals.

Both John Della Bosca and David Campbell resigned after it was discovered that they were engaging in extramarital relations. This kind of scandal is nothing new to the Labor party. In the past it has reached all the way up to the top spot, when former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke indulged in an affair in 1978. Almost 20 years later, in 1995, he married his mistress. While fairly shocking, this Labor scandal does not compare to another Labor Prime Minister. Joseph Chifley, PM from 1945 to 1949, is said to have had three mistresses - at the same time. Two of which were sisters!

That’s not to say the Liberal party has a clean nose. In 1987 Liberal member Billy Snedden was found deceased in a hotel room, wearing nothing but a condom! It wasn’t discovered until years later that he had been sharing his room with a young lady who was his son’s ex girlfriend.

Well, perhaps Gleeden members are meeting some political members within the community; with over 12,400 Gleeden members in Australia it could definitely be possible. However, because of our policy of 100% discretion and confidentiality, no one will ever know!

*Poll was completed by 467 Australian members.