Why is Gleeden a paid site?

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Why is Gleeden a paid site?

Discover how functions Gleeden.com, the premier international dating website for married people.

Our client services desk is constantly receiving questions asking how Gleeden runs and operates, and why it was decided that Gleeden would be a paid for service. The answer is explained in the 4 responses listed below. Each point highlights an essential aspect of Gleeden.

1. A premium community: Gleeden provides a private space for each of its members.
The atmosphere which pervades the site, the quality of the members and their interactions, the honesty and the seriousness, are often underlined in your messages. For that reason, through the efforts of our marketing investments we can ensure that Gleeden is THE community to join, allowing each person to feel a sense of liberty and desire. Why come to Gleeden? Because maybe life is too short not to open yourself up to your senses…

2.International: Gleeden is the first truly international extramarital community.
Gleeden.com is the european leader of the extramarital dating websites, with more than 2 million members. Gleeden has no barriers; we make it possible for people to interact with other members from all around the globe, thanks to our simultaneous worldwide launch.

3.Expertise: Gleeden surrounds itself with experts. >
Gleeden is in contact with sociologists, writers, sexologists etc who are able to provide professional advice to our members. These people are able to provide guidance and neutral opinions on dishonesty in the couple and on the subject of infidelity.

4.Quality, security and confidence.
Gleeden employs a dedicated international team to ensure your security. Gleeden is comprised of an international team of employees which you can rely on 24/7 to insure that our website remains properly moderated, as do the exchanges between members and general interaction. Gleeden works hard to maintain an efficient client service experience.

Gleeden is not just a dating service, but a true community. The strength and the quality of our principles are our main priority.

Have you got any other questions? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at the following address: info@gleeden.com!