Which to choose: the private album, or the public album?

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Which to choose: the private album, or the public album?

Your public album is like your own display window, whereas your private album is your secret garden...

Paul75, 29 years old, an accountant, is looking for a married woman for a no strings relationship. His profile is 70% complete, and he has a photo of his eyes in his public album, and two photos in his private album. He is contacted 3 times more often than James72, who has the exact same profile, except that he doesn’t have any photos in either of his albums.

Why have two albums?

Does your husband or wife not work in front of a computer? Do they not have an email address? Then it is not likely that they will find you on Gleeden.com. However, if your spouse does work with the internet, if they love to discover new or innovative sites, or if they are a little curious themselves, you have a higher chance of being discovered. By providing two albums we are able to cater to those members who don’t need to hesitate posting photos, as well as those who cannot afford to take the risk.

Which photo to choose?

Choose a bunch of photos that you like. If you are afraid of being discovered, choose photos which are blurry, or which mask part of your face, for your public album. You can reveal more of yourself in your private album, as you are the only person who can grant others access.

How many photos can I have?

You can place up to 4 photos in your public album, and 6 photos in your private album.

Have fun! Play around with your photos, and try to come up with a disguise. Play with Paint or Photo Shop to hide your identity! Try using shadowing or cropping. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Chloe, our client service representative.