What kind of unfaithful lady are you?

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category: News

What kind of unfaithful lady are you?

Gleeden has studies the different types of unfaithful people: of course, the list is not exhaustive! No matter if you got married decades ago, 24h ago or if you are about to say yes, check this article out!

The “I can’t help but cheat” cheater You are a compulsive cheater and would cheat on any partner: that’s the way you are, you just can’t help it. The word « commitment » makes you sick: mobile phone plans, permanent job or loyalty towards your partner, this is a big « no no »!

The « I think I am faithful but I’m not » cheater You think you are faithful, but you don’t have enough fingers to count how many times you slept with your sexy co-worker from the marketing departement, or how many times you fell in love with your gym instructor. Unfaithful in your thoughts, but still unfaithful.

The « I’m faithful to my 2 partners » cheaterBeing faithful to two men is being twice as faithful., everybody know that. You have two true loves, and they don’t need to know that.

The « I love taing risks » cheaterWhat turns you on in being unfaithful? Risks, transgressions and adrenaline! You don’t want to get caught, however, you do everything for it: inviting your new lover in your marital bed, chasing after your sister in law’s boyfriend at a family gathering, charming everybody at every wedding you attend everytime you get a chance…

The « I cheat sometimes » cheater You are in a relationship and you love your partner. You want this relationship to last and you everything for it, even allowing yourself to fool around to spice up your routine, arousing his jealousy and feel even more desirable. Infidelity is for you a nice remedy that you use with moderation.

The « I’m looking for an affair » cheater You love doing benchmarks. You are in a relationship, but you are always open to live something new with someone else… at the same time. Just like in your professional life, you keep an eye on potential new opportunities…