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Send "sextos" like a pro!

Your daily life is already spiced up with your lover… Why not spicing it up even more with sexy text messages? No matter if you are mastering the art of texting and if you are a beginner: follow our advice to turn him on with words!


Better safe than sorry: don’t you dare using your professional mobile phone to send naughty text messages to your lover! Okay, not using your personal phone could sound like a good idea… But it is not! Use your phone and simply erase all the text messages that could arouse suspicion. Also, don’t forget to “sext” when you are the less likely to get caught!


When you send sex text messages, you cannot do things by half! So forget about your inhibition and go for it! It’s not always easy to express yur sex fantasies when you are face to face with your lover: it is much more easy to do so when you are writing! Tell him what you would like to do to him during your next rendez-vous, turn him on by telling him what position you are dying to try with him… Be naughty, and DARE!


Avoid love declarations! Sexting is not to whisper (well, write) sweet nothings to your lover. On the opposite, avoid super-duper naughty words if you are not at ease with them. Unless you are 100% sure it will please your lover…


Before sending your “sext” check the recipient twice! Sending a text message to the wrong number happens, but sending a “I want you now” to your boss could be a little awkward!


Sexting is like doing preliminaries: if you stop right in the middle of it, it will be a flop! Just like a sexy tennis game between you and your lover, it is important not to let 20 minutes passing without replying!