Why can’t I find someone I like?

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category: News

Why can’t I find someone I like?

Are you having a hard time to find someone you like? Are you too picky or maybe haven't taken advantage of your network yet? Michelle G makes sure you know what to do, in one minute.

Last time, we went over the worst mistakes women can make when seducing a guy. Today, we’re going to go over another tricky dating topic: finding someone you like. Or more specifically, why can't you find someone you really like.

As we all know by now, dating is really complicated. Finding someone you feel like you have a real connection with can be almost impossible at times. That's why it's important to remember that while the issue doesn't come from you, it may be time to change your routine. But what does that mean?

You need to take action! First, reach out to friends, think about the type of person you would like to meet. Then, change the way you present yourself on your dating profile. Take a new picture, change up the bio and see if that helps you! Lastly, work on your confidence. It will be very beneficial in every aspect of your life.

Our good friend Michelle G will share with you her best advice to make sure you find someone you'll like and who will like you back. Follow her tips and you won’t feel like there are too many fish in the sea.

Watch her video here

To see more of Michelle G and become better at dating, check out our Dating Minute playlist on the official Gleeden Youtube channel. She has a lot of valuable advice on how to be the best at online and offline dating, which you can start using today.

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