A lover to help with the back to work stress

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category: News

A lover to help with the back to work stress

If the combination of blue skies and burning temperature has been desired for many French this summer, September is here, signaling the end of a summer break in spite of all that is synonymous with pleasure and delight.

Like every year, the return from summer break is back with a lot of school supplies, leaving room for busy days, punctuated by the agendas of school children and 3,000 accumulated emails in your Outlook account ready to explode. Between two meetings and four phone calls, retrieving your lover for a break can be lifesaving.

The managing of your agenda

As explained by Judith E. Brandt in her book, The guide to infidelity, a liaison will occupy your mind but rarely monopolize your time. In our hyperactive lives where the women tend to take most of the tasks related to organizing the home and raising the children too far, it is essential to remain master of one's agenda and to grant regular breathing time to bring down the pressure.

The choice of lover

In this stressful environment, it is recommended that you select your partners carefully. Depending on your state of mind, two options are available:

For some, this may be an opportunity to review the regular lover, the one proven and known, that provides the certainty of having a good timeless experience.

For others, however, this period is conducive to change, beginning a new cycle. They prefer to be carried away by the thrill of the unknown, full of discovery and fostering a sensual renaissance with a new partner.

Whatever the option chosen, the key is to agree with yourself, being the only guarantee against the professional and emotional aggressions of the return.