10 questions you should not ask your lover

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10 questions you should not ask your lover

You met on Gleeden, you grabbed a drink or two, followed by the movies, a hotel room, a weekend together… It is official: you have a lover! Still… there are some questions you probably shouldn’t ask him…

1. Do you see other girls?

Ok, you met on a dating website. You are unfaithful and he is too. At least on Gleeden, he has made sure no one would blame him for that. Do not expect him to change for you and become faithful again. Perhaps he will, but will you?

2. Do you love me?

You sound like his wife, please, spare him the torment! You do know that men sometimes find it hard to put their feelings into words. They came onto Gleeden.com to live them out, not to name them. Just let yourself drift and trust him. If he loves you, you’ll be the first to know.

3. Would you leave her for me?

No way, you don’t want to ask him that! This is the ultimate turn off. Leaving his wife and kids is no trivial decision; it doesn’t mean that just because he loves you that he doesn’t love them anymore. Try to step into his shoes and make your time together a moment of pleasure. Live life to its fullest instead of torturing each other with sensitive subjects.

4. Come on, tell me more about your wife. Is she fatter or thinner than me?

We get it. You’re sharing that man with his wife and in order to flatter your ego, you would prefer to know that you are cuter, smarter, and funnier than her. But when he’s with you, your lover is living in his own secret little world, a world where his wife is not allowed. It feels good to be with you and forget all the little worries of the real world. Why would you ruin it by forcing him to think about his spouse?

5. How about going to the gym more often?

Your husband has gained sixty pounds since the day he married you, and if you are having an affair anyway, you might as well date someone like Brad Pitt or Robert Redford. Fair enough. However, as much as you wouldn’t like your lover to nickname you “his little fatso”, he won’t be delighted to hear you criticizing his body.

6. Honestly, how much money do you make?

You don’t know why, you just can’t help wondering but you want to know. Seriously, don’t ask. Don’t let him think that it’s all about his money. The men on Gleeden are known to be pretty much well-off. It may be an important criterion for you but it’s no reason for you to spoil it all.

7. Are we going to have a baby someday?

It may happen that a married man will be beside himself with joy to hear his mistress asking him that question but such a reaction is still a pretty rare one. So, when in doubt…

8. What about growing you hair, just like… my husband?

You like them blond? Don’t ask him to bleach his hair. All your exes are called James? Don’t ask him to change his name. Is your husband long-haired? Do not force your lover to grow his hair. Do not try to transform him into some better version of the man you married. Your lover is not there to replace him, he deserves his own place in your life.

9. What’s the point of “us”, where are we going?

You feel closer to him and you want to talk about the future? There’s nothing wrong with that, however, this is no ordinary love. Enjoy the present, make the best out of every moment you share with your lover and sooner or later, love will find a way. You’ll both find out which way to go! Extramarital affairs are just like any other love story - no one can tell what tomorrow may bring.

10. You still haven’t deleted your Gleeden account?

He feels good on Gleeden, and so do you! Remember those peculiar personalities you used to meet before you found him? Remember the feeling of weightlessness, decompression and relaxation you have when surfing this classy and velvety website? Remember the news in the editorial space, about jealousy, orgasms or the experts’ points of views? You love Gleeden, and so does your lover!