One couple in two is unfaithful

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category: Key figures

One couple in two is unfaithful

A dinner with friends, six couples, twelve people, five chairs to my right, five to my left and one opposite me. I recall reading this afternoon a poll taken, that claimed one in two couples commit adultery.

Well, if that’s the case, without a calculator I can easily determine that three out of six couples at my table have been unfaithful. That is to say, three people have been unfaithful, and three have been deceived.

For those who love statistics, we’ll continue. For those who aren’t strong in math, grab your calculator, or, better yet, we’ll look at the pre-calculated results of an official case study.

The AMI, the Italian lawyers association, which specializes in matrimonial law, states that in 50% of couples, someone is hiding the fact that they have been unfaithful. In 55% of cases, it is the husband who has cheated, therefore (surprisingly?) in 45% of cases it is the wife who has had a lover.

Also note:

60% of those who have an affair do so with someone from the office (infidelity in the workplace isn’t just a cliché!).

40% find their secret lover through the web (we can only insist that you make it your highest priority to delete the cookies attached to your computer to avoid detection!).

Finally, 7% of men and women commit adultery with someone of the same sex. It’s a way to express and fulfill their deepest desires, while continuing to lead an ordinary life. To live happily, have secrets…