New: Virtual gifts are now available on Gleeden!

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New: Virtual gifts are now available on Gleeden!

Do you want to stand out? Show your affection? Well, now it’s possible with a range of personal gifts, available from today!

Have you met someone you really like and want to take it further? Do words no longer suffice to express your interest? Well from today you can send a gift instead! A coffee, a bouquet of roses, the key to your hotel room, a watch…

Sending a gift increases your chance of meeting someone in person by 30%. It’s also a more original way to seduce someone! No one can ignore such attention!

How does it work?

While you are on the page of another member, at the top of their profile is a button suggesting you send them a present. Is it the first time you have contacted this person? Why not send a cocktail; it’s the perfect way to introduce yourself! You can choose a gift from the presents displayed in the store. So that you know your gift has been delivered, tick the ‘acknowledgement of receipt’ box, and you will be alerted when your gift is opened.

Do you want to add a message? The luxury gifts allow you to add your own personal note. You can view all your sent gifts under the ‘virtual gifts’ tab.

The ball is in your court!