Gleeden’s tips to conquering your dream lover revealed!

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Gleeden’s tips to conquering your dream lover revealed!

Here is a guide to finding your bearings on our website, and advice to win over who you are interested in…

Here are the most important steps advised by the Gleeden team to win over your ideal lover!

1. Public and private book photos…Put your smile in the former, and everything else in the latter!

A smile, a detail, your eyes, something which could appeal to someone…Take more risks in your private book by showing your face, solely to the person you have already spoken to and whose access you’ve authorized.

2. A full profile…so that a beautiful encounter doesn’t pass you by!

Give detailed information to allow the person who is browsing your profile to get to know you a little better…But don’t give everything away! You can reveal the rest little by little!

3. Stand out with a phrase about you!

A quote from a book or a film you love…or something rather more personal…Let your imagination run free!

4. Being courteous, elegant and original in your messages…there’s the basis for a good start!

Don’t forget your manners, and be original! A little more spice in life, there’s what the men and women of Gleeden are looking.

5. Send someone a nice keepsake…Our virtual gifts are a sign of distinction.

Do you wish to stand out? How about a virtual coffee, which might become real? We all love these little marks of attention…

6. Gleeden is international…

Try to win over our Spanish, Italian, Swiss members…Seek them out on the website!