The Australian: Website to Help Cheat on the Cheaters

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category: Gleeden press

The Australian: Website to Help Cheat on the Cheaters

A dating website helping women who have been cheated on to cheat back is being launched in Australia.

The creators of believe the key to happiness for victims of adultery is adultery.

The extra-marital dating website, which launched in Europe in December, claims it has tempted more than 220,000 subscribers in its first four months, with the French, and the Italians as its top followers.

It is being officially launched here this month and 1600 Australians have already registered.

Gleeden is being touted as the "women's answer to matrimonial bliss", with the service being offered to women totally free.

Males can join free of charge but have to pay to send emails and use the chat tool.

Gleeden founder Teddy Truchot said a group of women came up with the concept.

"Many women friends complain about their personal life and their marriage," Truchot said.

"Most don't want to stop the marriage but they need something new, a new parallel life, a secret garden.

"The website exists for that type of women."

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