A woman fulfilled is an unfaithful woman!

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A woman fulfilled is an unfaithful woman!

Infidelity is a woman, now more so than ever. The French woman really seems to have cast aside the cliché of the housewife waiting patiently for her husband to come home from the office or his impromptu “meetings” that last until late into the night.

Over 37% of the members of extramarital dating website Gleeden.com are women. Determined women, who know what they want; is this the sign of changing times?

“Honey, don’t wait up tonight: I too have a late meeting...”

The age of Gleeden.com’s female members varies between 30 and 45 years old. These women who cheat on their husbands voluntarily and without guilt are mothers, active, busy women who take care of themselves. They are not desperate, they enjoy going out with their friends, indulging in their passions, and having their own space – even if that space is an extramarital one. Martine, who registered on the website three months ago, explains it thus: “Gleeden is a place where I can do the things I wouldn’t dare do in real life; I can do them with peace of mind, and without guilt”; before adding: “I am on Gleeden because I’m worth it…A lover is much better than an anti-aging cream!”

One in ten women are looking for a same-sex relationship

“I don’t think I’d dare to do that”, says Nathalie. And yet, that is what women dare to do on an extramarital dating site. 10% of them are indeed looking for a same-sex affair, and this in spite of a happy marriage they have no desire to break. On the website, 12% of married mothers are self-declared bisexuals, and are thus looking for something new and different – something more, something that will completely fulfill them. Unfaithful women are looking for an escape from their daily lives, only to return to them even happier.

About Gleeden

Gleeden is the website for married men and women. Over 680 000 members have signed up in the course of a year, of which over 300 000 are from France. 34% of them are women, a ceaselessly rising number on a website tailored to their wishes. These women choose the who, the when, and the how. Gleeden also thinks of moderation and security: women have indeed the possibility of evaluating the person with whom they interact thanks to a rating system designed and thought-out for them exclusively. The world of women is a demanding one, and Gleeden has captured it without forgetting the masculine world nevertheless.