A short Q&A with the co-founder of Blackdivine, publisher of Gleeden.com, Teddy Truchot:

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category: Gleeden news

A short Q&A with the co-founder of Blackdivine, publisher of Gleeden.com, Teddy Truchot:

The day before Gleeden's second step Model contest, the founder talks about it...

Why did you launch this major European casting?

The Gleeden.com platform is looking for the face of its next European campaign. Our wish was to open new doors for a young, unknown candidate, so she can access to a day of shooting with a famous photographer and take part in an international campaign. We try, we dare, and we take risks. As for "European", Gleeden is an international platform with a strong presence in Europe. We have plans for an American casting in the next few months.

What type of muse are you looking for?

Our focus is on personality, freshness, and nerve. Blonde or brunette, tall or average-size, thin or rather buxom, we hold no preconceived ideas! A seductive gaze or a charming smile can make all the difference. The one essential element: the face of Gleeden.com must represent the woman of today, who enjoys her freedom as she pleases.

Tell us a little about Gleeden.com.

A fashionable brand, Gleeden.com is a community platform of a new kind. Thanks to Gleeden, a wind of freedom is blowing on a taboo: infidelity. Some come to meet people, others to find answers to their questions. An editorial space has been created to offer these answers through studies, statistics and the intervention of experts (sociologists, psychologists, writers, etc.)

Do you have a few words for the contestants?

Thank you for participating in such great number! Spanish, Swiss, Italian, French, German, it will be a treat for the Gleeden team to welcome you in Paris for the casting!