A major British TV channel wants to know your story!

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category: News

A major British TV channel wants to know your story!

Do you want to share your story in a docuseries?

Renowned Films, a London based production company backed by US studio Critical Content, have been commissioned to produce an intelligent and pioneering documentary series for one of the most respected TV channels in the UK.

The series will be a non-judgemental look at extramarital affairs and how to save marriages and long-term relationships, following four separate couples over a 7 day therapy period as they embark on a course of intensive treatment. The series will feature a leading Relationship Therapist using tried and tested, successful methods, helping a number of couples to rejuvenate and reinvent their marriages.

We are therefore looking for one or two couples who have experience with infidelity (in any capacity) and who are willing to talk in front of a camera about their story.

If you're interested or have questions about the project, please fill out the form below or email us at: celine@gleeden.com

Applicants must be aged 18+ and living in the UK.
All conversations will be treated in the strictest confidence

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