10 tips to improve your chat technique on Gleeden!

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10 tips to improve your chat technique on Gleeden!

Chat is a quick and direct way to engage in conversation. But here’s the tricky part: how to make a good impression from that first phrase? And how to choose who to respond to and who to avoid?

Whether you initiated the conversation, or whether you’re being spoken to, Gleeden is offering you some tips to engage in charming conversation.

You are initiating the conversation:

1. Choose the right person; find someone in the age bracket you are looking for, with a profile which is compatible with yours. Do you like a certain type of music? Going to the theatre? Are you looking for a platonic relationship? Perhaps a no strings attached situation, or a traditional affair? You will save time if you only contact people who are looking for the same thing as you are.

2. Keep your profile updated; when someone starts talking to you on chat, what’s your first reaction? You go directly to their profile to check them out! Well, so does everybody else! So, spare a minute to do some housekeeping on your profile. Add a sentence or two describing what you’re looking for, or a description of yourself, make it interesting. Put a photo or two in your albums, these are all things you can do to make the person you’ve contacted want to chat with you.

3. Avoid making spelling mistakes, or using SMS language; Gleeden isn’t a social networking site where you are contacting your lifelong friends. The person you are contacting may not be well acquainted with those types of abbreviations, or may just consider it extremely childish. As with any meeting, first impressions count!

4. Be original; “Hello, how are you?” is not an original approach. However, a quote, an amusing phrase, or a question about the person’s profile does make an interesting opening line. Don’t hesitate to employ humor to engage someone in conversation.

5. Don’t be overly direct; Looking for a one night stand? The person you’re talking to may be looking for the same thing, but then again, maybe not, or maybe they want to get to know you before going further. Gleeden is a friendly space where vulgarity will not be tolerated, so remember to be polite!

If you are being contacted:

1. Look at their profile; a completed profile shows their commitment on Gleeden. Have they taken the time to talk about their expectations? Put up photos? Have they interacted with other members? Have they been positively evaluated?

2. Ask questions; Why are they using Gleeden? What kind of relationship are they looking for from the site? Show interest in their expectations, and trust your intuition to identify any possible inconsistencies. If what they are saying is bothering you, or their profile does not match their true character, you can report the person to our moderators who will investigate that member.

3. Have fun! And take your time. The virtual world is just like the real world, we can be tempted to jump straight into something. Chatting allows us to take the time to get to know the other person, flirt with each other, find out the other person’s expectations and find common interests.

4. Do not give out your personal information too quickly; Only your pseudonym and your profile are visible to the person you’re chatting with. This guarantees your anonymity until you decide to provide them with more personal details. Never give out your personal information during a first conversation. Trust should be built up over a number of exchanges.

5. Do you want to go further? Send a message or a virtual gift to the person you have been chatting with to tell them that you would like to get better acquainted.