Letter of moderation and publication guidelines.

The moderation letter defines the terms of use regarding publication of content and public /private messages in Gleeden.com. The present letter serves as the internal rules of the Gleeden.com portal and it applies to users and moderators.

To use the Gleeden.com portal, members must have previously accepted unreservedly the general conditions of use and comply with them.

Terms of use

The following key terms are used within the strict framework of the Gleeden.com moderation card. Both have the same meaning if used in singular or plural.

  • Terms of use Terms of use accepted by members at the time of registration.
  • Moderation letter: Conditions of publication of contributions.
  • Members / visitors: A respectful /moral person - creator of a Gleeden.com account who has accepted the terms of use.
  • Moderator Technical team responsible for mediating the contributions.
  • Contributions: Upload of contributions on the portal / website
  • Contribution / content: Photos, presentation of profiles, messages (inbox or chat).

Respect for the rules of the website:

Coexistence, respect for others are paramount in this website.

Aggressive, vulgar or obscene contributions will be moderated.

Gleeden.com can modify the moderation letter at any time; the members will then be notified via email and will be expected to comply with them.

The moderation

Enrollment in Gleeden.com is free. Users must abide by the general conditions of use and with the current moderation letter of this website and follow the conditions/rules accordingly.

The contributions are moderated after being read by a moderator. This moderation is performed no more than 48 hours after delivery by the members.

In case of noncompliance with rules of the site, the moderators will reject the contributions made by the member/s of the portal. Gleeden.com has no obligation in regards to the results of the contributions of the members. This means that the moderators have no obligation to justify its website moderation, the moderator’s decision is of free interpretation regarding the moderation letter.

Validating the Gleeden content portal, the moderator must ensure that the contributions comply with the general conditions of use of the portal. In this case, the moderators should make sure that contributions have no inappropriate content.

There is no discrimination during moderation. The moderators judge the quality of the contents present in the portal with common sense and fairness.

Moderation of contributions is made on:

  • Personal descriptions
  • Photos
  • Allegations of abuse

Depending of each case, the moderators:

  • Will reject the input
  • Will automatically close the user account without warning under the exclusive responsibility of user.

Gleeden community members should report the inappropriate use of website (conversations, user profiles, behaviors...) and therefore not subject to this letter of moderation.

Any inappropriate content will be deleted. The members will receive a notification informing them of the reason for the denial.

If your content has been incorrectly moderated, or your content has been moderate (photos), you may contact the Gleeden.com moderators team (support@gleeden.com), who reserves the right answer to every case. Gleeden.com is committed to reviewing all allegations of abuse.

Content moderation
Photos, presentations

The user is responsible for not providing content that may be deemed shocking or damaging to the integrity of other Gleeden.com portal users.

When a member submits a photo to moderation, it should have all the intellectual property. Any public content, picture, drawing or pictures of celebrities will be denied.

Any attempt to show personal information (phone number, email, Skype, Facebook…) on the pictures or on profile descriptions is prohibited.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Photographic Portrait (driver license/photographic ID type)
  • Passport photo (standing frame)
  • Suggestive pictures / nudity
  • Shocking, violent, racist or illegal pictures
  • Poorly sized photo
  • Upside down photo
  • Photos with several people
  • Drawing / image/ photo of celebrities
  • Non personal pictures, like objects, animals, etc.
  • Pictures with personal information
  • Pictures of minors
  • Pictures of couples

Couple profile moderation

The moderation of couple profiles – of couple that are looking for a third person is defined in Article 3.1 of the CGU (general terms of use) of the website (gleeden.com/terms-of-use).

Private messages / chat

The attempt of fraud, divulgation of commercial messages, change of identity (or fishing), will result in the immediate closure of the account of the member concerned.

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of December, of Personal Data Protection, you have the right access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data.

For any questions regarding this letter of moderation, you can contact us by email to support@gleeden.com