Letter of Moderation and submission guidelines.

The Letter of Moderation defines the terms of use regarding publication of content and public /private messages on Gleeden.com. The hereby Letter regulates the behavior within Gleeden.com and it applies to both users and moderators.

To use the Gleeden.com portal, members must have previously accepted the Terms of Use without reserve and must comply with them.

Terms of use

The following key terms are used within the strict framework of the Gleeden.com Letter of Moderation. Both have the same meaning if used in singular or plural.

  • Terms of use : Terms of use accepted by members at the time of registration.
  • Letter of Moderation : Conditions for submitting an entry.
  • Member / user : an individual who created an account on Gleeden.com and has accepted the Terms of Use.
  • Moderator : Technical team responsible for mediating the contributions.
  • Submission : Upload of content on the platform
  • Entry / Submission / Content : Photos, profile description, messages (inbox or chat).

Respect for the rules of the website :

Gleeden.com has the right to change and modify this Letter of Moderation at any time and to perform the necessary updates by removing any entries that no longer comply. Members are required to submit each time to the updated Letter.

Content moderation, images

Friendliness and mutual respect are paramount on the website. Aggressive, vulgar, obscene, or discriminatory entries are prohibited.

The user is responsible for not providing content that may be deemed shocking or damaging to the integrity of other Gleeden.com portal users.

When members submit a photo to moderation, they should own the intellectual property of it. Any upload of public content, picture, drawing or pictures of celebrities is prohibited.

We also refuse content already used on other websites even if it belongs to you for reasons of privacy and personal data protection.

Any attempt to show personal information (phone number, email, social media handle…) on the pictures or on profile descriptions is prohibited for security reasons.

  • Public
  • Private
  • Photographic Portrait (driver license/photographic ID type)
  • Passport photo (standing frame)
  • Suggestive pictures
  • Shocking, violent, nudity, racist or illegal pictures
  • Poorly sized photo
  • Upside down photo
  • Photos with several people
  • Drawing / image/ photo of celebrities
  • Non personal pictures, like objects, animals, etc.
  • Pictures with personal information
  • Pictures of minors

Images not allowed

  • Nudity
  • Obscene, vulgar, or shocking pictures
  • Violence, drugs, or weapons
  • Drawings, landscapes, objects, animals or impersonal images
  • Pictures of celebrities or that are already in use on other websites
  • Group pictures (if the faces of the other people are not hidden or blurred)
  • Poorly sized pictures (too small, low resolution, upside down, etc.)
  • Pictures of minors
  • Pictures showing other websites or brands
  • Pictures containing personal information (name, phone number, email, etc.)
  • Pictures showing body parts (eyes, hands, feet, etc.) only
  • Pictures already uploaded in other albums
  • Sexy pictures only allowed in your private book

Descriptions not allowed

  • Descriptions containing personal information
  • Descriptions containing other websites’ names, URLs or redirecting to other platforms.
  • Racist, violent, discriminatory, vulgar descriptions or that can cause harm or offense to other people.
  • Descriptions of couples looking for women on a female profile
  • Description containing any implicit or explicit reference to another member, a Gleeden username or to any other external person.
  • Descriptions that suggest sexual services, demand for money or demand for compensation in exchange for sexual favors
  • Descriptions of any commercial nature.


Subscribing to Gleeden.com is free. In exchange, users must abide by the general conditions of use of the website and by the hereby Letter of Moderation and must follow the conditions/rules accordingly.

Every submission is moderated by a moderator before being published on the member’s profile. The process could take up to two hours from the moment of the submission.

In case of noncompliance with the website regulation, our moderators will reject the submission. Gleeden.com has no obligation regarding the approval of members’ submissions.

Our moderation policy is the same for all the members of this website: we won’t do any discrimination, distinction nor favor and no exception will be possible.

Submission subjected to moderation are :

  • Personal descriptions
  • Photos
  • Reports of abuse

Depending on each case, moderators can :

  • Reject the submission
  • Automatically close the member’s account without warning at the exclusive responsibility of the above-mentioned member.

We encourage all members to report any content (conversations, user profiles, behaviors...) which are inappropriate or noncompliant with the hereby letter of moderation.

Gleeden will investigate all the reports of abuse received.

Any content that doesn’t comply with the hereby Letter of Moderation will be deleted. Members will receive a notification informing them of the reason for the rejection or why the account has been suspended. We also reserve the right to permanently suspend an account following a proven violation of our terms and conditions.

For any question or dispute concerning the moderation of your content, you can contact our customer service (support@gleeden.com), which reserves the right to respond on a case-by-case basis.

Moderation of couple profiles

The moderation of couple profiles – of couple that are looking for a third person is defined in Article 3.1 of the terms of use of the website (www.gleeden.com/terms-of-use).

Private messages / chat

Any attempt of fraud, divulgation of commercial messages or advertisements, phishing or request / offer of money or goods in exchange of sexual favors, will result in the immediate closure of the account of the member concerned

According to the Organic Law 15/1999 of December, of Personal Data Protection, you have the right access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data.

For any questions regarding this letter of moderation, you can contact us by email to support@gleeden.com